Actor Ramit Dhungana Announces Nametine Ghau
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Kathmandu. Ramit Dhungana is an actor and a producer known for his roles in over 50 movies particularly in Nepal.

Ramit Dhungana is going to produce and direct the film ‘Nametine Ghau’ based on the story of an acid attack victim. On Tuesday, he announced the social-drama film through social media.

Actor Ramit Dhungana Announces Nametine Ghau

Earlier, he had prepared to make ‘Muskan’, a biopic on acid victim Muskan Khatun. But he said that after postponing it, he is going to make a film involving other acid victims also.

I meant to make a smile only for Khatun. Later, while understanding, I also met the victims who did not appear in the media. After meeting everyone, I decided to make a film based on everyone’s story,” he said.

“This is a biopic of all the victims,” ​​Ramit said, “There is a plan to shoot the film at the place where the attack happened.” Presenting the fact that 33 people have been attacked with acid in the last 10 years, Ramit said that he wanted to spread the message that this act is a heinous crime.

This film will also be Ramit’s debut directorial film and his third project as a production. Earlier, he produced the films ‘Maya Namara’ and ‘Buddha Born in Nepal’.

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