Batuwa: A Melodic Expedition through Dhorpatan Valley and Jaljala || Music Video
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“Batuwa” is a special song by Bidhya Tiwari that takes us on a musical journey through Dhorpatan Valley and Jaljala. 

Bidhya’s voice, along with the creative team, tells a story of travel and adventure. The lyrics, written by Hark Saud, likely share the ups and downs of the journey. Sushant Gautam’s music direction and Sagar Budhathoki’s direction bring the whole experience to life visually and musically. 

The song isn’t just about music; it’s a heartfelt tribute to the joy of exploring nature. It encourages us all to keep walking, keep traveling, and keep exploring—capturing the spirit of every adventurer.

Traveling gives me a beautiful sense of freedom. It gives me strength, makes me more centered, and brings out the ultimate feeling of joy in my inner self. I feel that life is joyful and vibrant in the outdoors, out there in the woods, out there in the mountains, and out there in the river.

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