Deputy Mayor's Big Donation to Galkot Nagar Hospital! 
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Helping Make the Hospital Better  

Baglung, Galkot, Something really nice happened in Galkot Municipality. Deputy Mayor’s Big Donation to Galkot Nagar Hospital!Mr. Phamlal Niure, who is the Deputy Mayor of Galkot Municipality and Land Management Coordinator at Galkot Nagar Hospital, gave a big donation of Rs. 2,22,222 to the hospital. This Donation will help the hospital take care of its land and make it a better place for everyone who goes there.

The hospital in Galkot Municipality is important because it helps sick people feel better. Mr. Niure wanted to make sure the hospital has a good place to work and take care of people. He is really kind for giving so much money to help!

People at the hospital are very happy and say a big thank you to Mr. Niure. They know that his donation will help the hospital grow and be even better at helping people. This shows that when we care about our town and the people in it, we can make really good things happen!

Mr. Niure’s Donation will inspire others to help too, and together, we can make our town an even nicer place for everyone. So, let’s remember to be kind and help each other, just like Mr. Niure did for Galkot Nagar hospital!

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