Malvika Subba Separates from Her Husband
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Former Miss Nepal and media personality Malvika Subba separates from her husband Riyaj Shrestha. She revealed this during an appearance as a guest on Priyanka Karki’s podcast, ‘The Fourth Trimester‘ stating that they parted ways two years ago.

She mentioned that after two years of marriage, they decided to end their relationship. She expressed, ‘Our relationship wasn’t as good as it seemed after our marriage. We couldn’t communicate well with each other; we used to argue unnecessarily. Either he was always away or not close enough. He was much younger than me. When our son turned two, I decided to leave the house alone. I made that decision all by myself, as my family didn’t support me. Now, everything is fine. But it took me about three to four years to gain that support.’

Malvika separated from her husband four years ago, as she explained, ‘When I decided to end the relationship, I didn’t demand anything from him except that he should take care of our child. We decided to co-parent our son wisely. It’s not that I regret the separation, but at that time, I felt very hurt.’

Even though she ended her relationship with Shree Man, Malvika revealed that she didn’t cut off their son from his father or his family. She stated that she will never hinder his relationship with them.

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