Nepal Implements Nationwide Ban on Screening of Adipurush Movie
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The screening of the Indian movie Adipurush has been banned in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, as well as other major cities across the country. The decision to impose this ban was made by Kathmandu Metropolitan City Chief Mayor Balendra Shah in response to a specific dialogue within the film that states ‘Janki is the daughter of India.’ This controversial dialogue has caused an uproar among the Nepalese population, leading to widespread protests and demands for its removal from the original version of the movie.

Banktes Films, the Nepalese distribution company responsible for the film, has released an official statement announcing that they will not be screening Adipurush due to the current situation. Manoj Rathi, the director of Banktes Films, stated that the decision to halt the screenings was a direct result of the unrest caused by the controversial dialogue. The situation escalated quickly, prompting the company to extend the ban nationwide, suspending the screening of the movie in all cities across Nepal.

The ban on Adipurush has not been without its critics. The Nepal Film Association, an umbrella organization representing distributors and exhibitors, expressed their strong displeasure regarding the prohibition of all Indian films. Gopalkaji Kayastha, the vice president of the association, conveyed their dissatisfaction and announced their intention to seek legal remedies to challenge the ban. Kayastha emphasized that a blanket ban on all Indian films was not an appropriate solution and that a more measured approach should be taken to address the concerns raised by the controversial dialogue.

Following the footsteps of Kathmandu, the ban on Adipurush has now spread to other cities as well. The head of the local body in Kathmandu had previously instructed cities like Pokhara, Dharan, and Birganj not to screen the movie, thereby expanding the geographic scope of the ban. This has further exacerbated the impact on the film industry, as the movie’s reach and potential revenue have been significantly curtailed.

The ban on Adipurush has created a ripple effect throughout Nepal’s film industry. The decision has dealt a severe blow to both the distribution company and exhibitors, who are now grappling with substantial financial losses. The suspension of the movie’s screenings has disrupted the carefully planned release strategies and marketing campaigns, leaving stakeholders in a precarious position.

In response to the ban, the Nepal Film Association has taken a strong stance by expressing their discontent and vowing to take legal action. They are determined to challenge the ban through the legal process and advocate for a more balanced solution that addresses the concerns of the public without impeding the overall film industry.

In conclusion, the ban on the screening of the Indian movie Adipurush in Kathmandu and other major cities in Nepal has ignited a controversy surrounding a specific dialogue within the film. The decision made by Kathmandu Metropolitan City Chief Mayor Balendra Shah has raised significant concerns within the film industry. While the ban aims to address public sentiment, stakeholders, including the Nepal Film Association, are seeking legal remedies and advocating for a more nuanced solution. The ban’s expansion to other cities has further intensified its impact on the film industry, resulting in financial losses and disruptions. The situation remains contentious, and the outcome will depend on the legal proceedings and efforts to find a resolution that satisfies all parties involved.

About Balendra Shah (Balen)

Nepal Implements Nationwide Ban on Screening of Adipurush Movie
Nepal Implements Nationwide Ban on Screening of Adipurush Movie

Balen Shah, a Nepalese rapper, structural engineer, and politician, currently serves as the 15th mayor of Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital. Known for his contributions to Nepalese hip-hop, Shah brings a youthful and dynamic perspective to his roles. With a strong educational background from Visvesvaraya Technological University, he combines his passion for music with a commitment to public service. Balen Shah’s unique blend of hip-hop, Nepalese culture, and political engagement has earned him recognition in the country. He continues to make a positive impact through his music and mayoral responsibilities, representing the vibrant spirit of Nepal.

Nepal Implements Nationwide Ban on Screening of Adipurush Movie
Nepal Implements Nationwide Ban on Screening of Adipurush Movie
Balen Shah with Himani Shah

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