Scary research shows that your smartphones are listening to you all day, every day.
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Sometimes, when you chat with friends or talk about things, it’s weird that when you go on social media later, ads for the exact things you discussed pop up on the pages.

Ever wonder how this happens? Well, it turns out your phone is listening to you all day, 24/7. It might sound a bit odd, but recent research has confirmed it.

According to a report from 404 Media, phones with microphones built in are spying on people all day, every day.

Phones with built-in microphones are always eavesdropping on users.

It’s not just smartphones; even TVs and speakers have microphones built in, and they’re also tuning in to your conversations. These gadgets create a data bank from what they hear, and then they use that info to show ads in real time.

Gadgets with built-in microphones know all about your weekend plans, home, health, and future intentions. Ever notice ads on social media for things you’ve never searched for online? Well, those ads are thanks to smart gadgets. They eavesdrop on you, and advertising agencies use that info to target you.

Nowadays, all smart TVs come with voice command tech, meaning you can search by just talking to the TV using its microphone. But here’s the thing—those smart TVs can also listen in on your private stuff. And it’s not just TVs; even smart speakers are tuning into your daily conversations, picking up on the various ways you talk.

If you want to avoid being spied on by these gadgets or don’t want them listening in, just switch off the internet while you’re Talking.

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