Urgent Notice Issued as 26 Policemen, Including Senior Constables, Fail to Report for Duty
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In a concerning development over the past month, a total of 26 policemen, which includes 13 police personnel and senior constables, have been reported as out of contact with the police head office. The Inspector General of Police issued a notification on Wednesday, directing these absentees to make contact within the next seven days.

The notice specifically identified a senior constable, five assistant constables, 13 jawans, and 2 office assistants who have voluntarily been absent for over a month. The police head office

emphasized the seriousness of the matter, underlining the need for these individuals to provide an explanation for their prolonged absence.

In light of their failure to respond during attempts to establish contact, the police head office has invoked the provisions of the police regulations. As per these regulations, the absent personnel have been given a seven-day ultimatum to make contact; failing to do so will result in their removal from service.

This move by the police head office underscores the importance of accountability within the force and serves as a clear message that absenteeism will not be tolerated. The seven-day window provides an opportunity for the concerned personnel to rectify their absence and avoid the serious consequences outlined in the police regulations.

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