14th Cup of Tea Day Celebrated by Youth Eye Service
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Kathmandu, The 14th Cup of Tea Day was celebrated last Saturday by the Youth Eye Service (YES) team at Kathmandu Teku -12, and it was a big success! YES has been organizing this event for 14 years now, with a motto that says ‘You can help someone see again by not having a cup of tea a day’ which was said by President Sidartha Ranjit.

The main goal of Cup of Tea Day is to help prevent blindness in Nepal’s poor and disadvantaged communities by providing good eye care services. Every year they celebrate on 31st March.

This year, 11 people from different places were lucky enough to get free eye surgeries.

YES was started back in 1995 by a group of young people who were really enthusiastic about eye health. They wanted to do something good, so they created this organization with the motto “Moving towards Brightness.”

During the celebration, Mrs. Ratna Dangol, a key member of the Cup of Tea team, was the chief guest. They also had Christa Drigalla from Germany as a special guest.

This year, the celebration was a bit simpler than before, but it was still refreshing for the YES team. They took a break from their usual routine and tried something new. They want to say a big thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible.

The success of the 14th Cup of Tea Day shows how dedicated YES is to helping people with preventable blindness. It gives hope to many people who are struggling with this problem.


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