The Dynamic of Online Gaming in Nepal
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In recent years, online gaming has been the most popular mode of entertainment, changing the way people are involved in the digital world. Players now can engage in virtual adventures and connect with players around the world. 

While many people play online games for relaxation and enjoyment, there are players who choose online gaming as their career. Some by doing live streams and uploading content about playing games, some by being involved in eSports. Since online games are widely popular around the world there are many tournaments hosted by gaming organizations where players can participate individually or in groups to compete against each other for a prize pool.

Addictive in games

Even though online games have been a great way to connect with other players and experience the adventure virtually, it has become compelling to many teens. Many youths are becoming lazy, easily distracted, and irritated due to long exposure to online games. Many studies have shown that video game addiction leads to changes in the brain that are similar to those that occur in substance addiction and gambling. 

Beside its drawback

Despite online games becoming addictive It is also a way of entertainment. Online games help to socialize with other players and reduce stress. Studies have shown that playing video games regularly may increase Grey matter in the brain and boost brain connectivity. (Grey matter is associated with muscle control, memories, perception, and spatial navigation.) 

Online gaming in Nepal

Even though it hasn’t been that long since the internet was introduced in all parts of Nepal. But still even before online gaming was explored in Nepal there was a little culture of playing virtual games. But slowly the growth of the Internet is taking place, and online gaming culture is also evolving slowly with the Internet in Nepal. Till this year online gaming has taken a long leap from where it was before. 

The Dynamic of Online Gaming in Nepal

As per many people, The 2020 pandemic was also a big reason behind the growth of online gaming because in that year many new gaming creators were introduced, some big creators like 4k Gaming Nepal, 2B Gamer, CR7 Horaa, etc. Besides content creators, many online gamers also build their careers out of online gaming like PUBG Mobile where DRS Gaming from Nepal managed to secure second ranking in Pubg Mobile Global Championship 2022. Similarly, other teams like Skylight Gaming and ASL Esports also represented Nepal In the Global tournament hosted by PUBG MOBILE. There are other online games that are widely played in Nepal besides PUBG Mobile with similar growth such as Clash of Clans, Free Fire, Mobile Legend, and many more. 

E-sport in Nepal

People’s popularity towards online gaming is growing day by day. However, tournament culture in Nepal doesn’t seem to grow as it is supposed to. Besides PUBG and Free Fire, we did not get to hear about the big tournaments of other games very often. It can also be because of the viewership where PUBG and Free Fire are dominating. Nepal’s online gaming culture is not that diverse which is also the reason behind diminishing E-SPORT Culture.


Why do people like playing games online so much these days?

People love playing online games because they can have virtual adventures and connect with others worldwide, making digital fun a big deal.

Can you really make a job out of playing games online?

Absolutely! Some folks make a living by streaming their gameplays or participating in eSports tournaments where they can win cash prizes.

Are there any problems with playing games online too much?

Yep, playing a lot can lead to issues like addiction, making people lazy, easily distracted, and annoyed. It’s kind of like how too much candy isn’t great for you.

Can playing online games be good for you too?

For sure! It’s not all bad—playing games is also a way to have fun, connect with others, and even boost your brain a bit.

How’s online gaming doing in Nepal?

It’s growing slowly. The internet’s getting better, and more people are into online gaming now. The 2020 pandemic played a part, bringing in new creators and boosting the careers of gamers.

Did the pandemic change anything about gaming in Nepal?

Yeah, it did! The pandemic helped online gaming in Nepal to grow. New creators showed up, and PUBG Mobile got even more famous with Nepali teams doing well in global championships.

Is Nepal really into eSports?

Sort of. While online gaming is popular, the eSports scene in Nepal isn’t very diverse. Big tournaments mostly focus on games like PUBG and Free Fire, leaving other games out of the spotlight.

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