16 years Student Hacks TU Result Website
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Just a few days after the launch of online services, 16 years old, Rohit Rokaya, a student of Class 12, hacked the TU result website (www.tuexam.edu.np) and redirected it to his Facebook id. According to him, all data remains secure until now. 

With the initiation of online services by TU, it has added another challenge to the security of TU’s website, and now there is an increased possibility of TU’s website being targeted by hackers, which could potentially compromise sensitive data of millions of students. 

This has not only posed a security challenge to TU’s website but also aimed to raise awareness about this issue. He mentions that TU must ensure the security of millions of documents coming through the online system. 

Giving paramount importance to software security is extremely crucial. Therefore, it is essential for TU to take this matter seriously. 

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