Michael Jackson wanted to live for 150 years!
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Michael Jackson’s Desires and Lifestyle

Michael Jackson had a unique desire – Michael Jackson wanted to live for 150 years! Before shaking hands with anyone, he used to wear gloves as a precaution. He was cautious about going among people and always wore a mask on his face. Taking care of his health was of utmost importance to him, and he had 12 doctors appointed at his home to examine him daily, from his head’s hair to his foot’s nails.

Even his food had to pass through laboratory checks before he consumed it, ensuring it was safe and healthy for him. Maintaining his physical well-being was a priority, and for that, he had 15 people to guide him through exercise routines.

Michael Jackson’s desire to have fair skin led him to undergo plastic surgery in 1987. As a result, he distanced himself from his Black parents and friends, and surrounded himself with fair-skinned individuals. His marriages were also with fair-skinned women.

Michael Jackson wanted to live for 150 years!

On November 15, he married his nurse Debbie Rowe, who later gave birth to Prince Michael Jackson Junior (1997) and Paris Michael Katherine (April 3, 1998). Michael was determined to live for 150 years!

He took extra precautions for his health, sleeping on an oxygenated bed. He also prepared donors who he would financially support, ensuring they could provide him with organs if needed, such as kidneys, lungs, eyes, or any other body parts. He believed that his fame and wealth could even cheat death, but he was proven wrong.

Unfortunately, on June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson’s heart stopped beating. Despite the presence of 12 doctors at his home, they couldn’t save him. Over 2.5 billion people watched his final journey live, Making it the most-watched live broadcast in history.

The sudden news of his death caused major online disruptions. Wikipedia, Twitter, and AOL’s instant messenger all crashed, and Google received an astounding 8 million searches for Michael Jackson within a short period. This resulted in the largest traffic jam on Google, leading to a two-hour crash.

The story of Michael Jackson serves as a reminder that no matter how wealthy or famous one may be, life is uncertain, and wealth alone cannot save us from death. Let us cherish life before it slips away and live every moment to the fullest.

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