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Mr. Beast, the individual with the most subscribers, undertook the renovation of a hospital in Sindhuli, Nepal. The team, which arrived in Nepal in December for charitable work, recently released a video showcasing their efforts in the country.

In the video the hospital is under construction and a few healthcare workers are present. Due to geographical challenges, electricity does not reach the area, depriving locals of adequate medical care.

With assistance from Mr. Beast’s team and an organization called Give Power, renovations on the hospital commenced. Sanjay Bahadur Singh Thakuri, a biomedical engineer working in the area for several years, briefed the BEAST team about the area conditions.

If we depend on the government to provide electricity, Mr. Beast mentioned in the video that even by 2030, electricity wouldn’t reach that hospital. Therefore, the team also concludes that electricity is crucial to provide modern medical treatment there, so they begin the work of building a hospital with a ‘birthing facility’.

In the video, Mr. Beast’s team member Darren Margolias praised the local tea from the Himalayas of Nepal. He expressed admiration for the respect, hospitality, and behavior of the locals. Meanwhile, Dan Mace from Mr. Beast’s team fell ill. “It demonstrated the challenges of falling sick in a rural area like this,” remarked Mr. Beast.

Showing the hospital’s conditions to the ailing Dan, Mr. Beast stated, “Everything is shut down here. The grim reality is that if you become seriously ill, you have to trek seven hours to reach the nearest hospital.”

Due to the hospital’s lack of electricity, the nurse could only provide basic medical treatment to Dan. The video then depicts the efforts of Mr. Beast’s team. Once everything was prepared, solar panels were installed.

Recognizing the need for baby warmer devices in the other villages, Darren discussed with Sanjay, Mr. Beast’s team will buy 10 devices from sanjay. mentioning that the devices would be placed in another community hospital.

Upon completing the installation of all solar panels, the team transformed the abandoned hospital into a well-equipped one. Mr. Beast stated that the hospital would benefit over 16,000 people in the area.

At the village hospital, all villagers gathered to witness the lights being switched on for the first time. Subsequently, the video showed the locals experiencing joy as all the lights illuminated. Mr. Beast’s charitable team collaborates with various organizations to provide healthcare and education in rural, underdeveloped regions worldwide. This time, the team constructed a well-equipped hospital in a rural Nepalese village.

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