NEB Class 12 Result Published
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As the results of the NEB class 12 result published, students are eagerly waiting to see their performance. To make the easy result-checking process, the National Examination Board (NEB) has introduced various methods for students to verify their scores. Here are the simple and convenient ways to get your class 12 exam results swiftly and accurately.

Method 1: Dial 1601 & enter SYMBOL NUMBER

The NEB has set up a result hotline accessible by calling 1601. Upon connection, students need to enter their unique SYMBOL NUMBER using the keypad. This user-friendly method allows students to hear their exam results quickly and efficiently.

Method 2: Send SMS to 1600 – NEB <SPACE><SYMBOL NUMBER>

Another convenient method is to send an SMS to 1600 with the provided format: NEB followed by a space and your SYMBOL NUMBER. This SMS-based service ensures that students receive their results on their mobile devices in a timely manner.

Method 3: Dial *1600# & follow instructions

For those who prefer using mobile phones, NEB has introduced a USSD code: *1600#. By dialing this code from any mobile device, students will receive instructions on how to enter their SYMBOL NUMBER and retrieve their exam results hassle-free.

Method 4: Visit NEB’s Official Website –

The NEB’s official website provides an online platform for students to access their exam results. By visiting the website, students can input their SYMBOL NUMBER and instantly receive their class 12 results. This method offers convenience for those with internet access and a device.


With these user-friendly options provided by the National Examination Board, students can easily check their class 12 exam results without any unnecessary hassle. Best of luck to all the students awaiting their results, and may this new system bring convenience and peace of mind during the result-checking process.

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