Young Man's Drastic Act in Makwanpur
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Unusual Self-Injury Incident a young man who claimed to be a ‘Saadhu’ cut off his own pen*s.

A Young Man’s Drastic Act in Makwanpur did something extreme on August 17. He had once studied to be an overseer, but he wanted to be a Sadhu. So, he cut off his own pen*s at a hotel in Hetauda. The incident has left everyone shocked.

The local police chief, SP Sitaram Rizal, said to Ratopati that the young man used a blade to do this to himself. Then he went to the hospital in Hetauda, but the doctors sent him to Chitwan for more treatment.

The young man gave a very strange reason for his actions. He said that he was bitten by a scorpion in the hotel and he cut his pen*s because he thought it would stop the poison from spreading all over the body. Police found out that after investing he had done this to himself.

The whole situation has left everyone confused. They are trying to understand why he did something so extreme. This incident shows how strong someone’s beliefs can be… The community hopes the young man gets better soon, and they are all trying to come to terms with this shocking incident that has left a mark on Hetauda, Makwanpur.

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