Prakash Saput's Latest Music Video 'Damai Maharaj'
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In an effort to Promote unity and Combat discrimination, renowned Nepali folk singer Prakash Saput’s Latest Music Video ‘Damai Maharaj’ has released. The highly anticipated release took place on his official YouTube channel on 21 July, captivating audiences with its Powerful message and mesmerizing performances.

Teaming up with talented vocalist Shanti Shree Pariyar, music composer Sudip Sagar, and choreographer Gamvir Bista, Prakash Saput’s “Damai Maharaj” offers a harmonious blend of soul-stirring melodies and visually captivating dance sequences. The music video showcases exceptional talents like Prakash Saput, Anjali Adhikari, Geeta Dhungana, Garima Sharma, Prabhat Thakuri, Sunil BK, Pushpa Avasthi, Bijay Thapa, Loknath Wagley, Bishal Ghimire, and Diplove BK.

Meticulously crafted, the music video was skillfully edited by Prabin Bhatta, while Manakrishna Maharjan and Dinesh Parajuli expertly handled the cinematography. Prakash Saput’s creative involvement extended to the Direction, Story, and Production of the music video, Ensuring a captivating and impactful visual experience for viewers.

Prakash Saput’s Latest Music Video ‘Damai Maharaj’

Through ” Damai Maharaj ” Prakash Saput aims to break barriers and foster unity, transcending national divisions and advocating against all forms of discrimination and bias. The song’s powerful message resonates strongly with audiences, Making it a significant contribution to the realm of Nepali music.

With its timely release and compelling content, ” Damai Maharaj ” is set to become a poignant anthem that empowers listeners and ignites meaningful discussions. As it continues to gain momentum, Prakash Saput’s latest musical endeavor promises to leave a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of people across the Nation and Beyond.

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