A meme page admin is running the Kathmandu Metropolitan City Office.
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In a recent social media post by iihgram on Facebook, a controversial claim has emerged, suggesting that A meme page admin is running the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) Office. While these assertions have raised eyebrows among netizens, their veracity remains a subject of debate.

A meme page admin is running the Kathmandu Metropolitan City Office.

According to the post, the individual known as Kumar Ben, who administers Troll Nepal, is purportedly the shadow mayor of Kathmandu Balendra Shah Aka Balen. It is alleged that he holds a significant role as the mayor’s closest Confidante and Advisor, Playing a pivotal part in shaping KMC policies. However, The accuracy of these claims has yet to be verified by credible sources.

Although the post acknowledges Kumar Ben’s realpolitik sense and ability to shape narratives, it also criticizes his alleged racist-elitist attitude and lack of exposure. One particular issue highlighted is KMC’s stringent stance against providing alternative provisions, spaces, and time for street-cart-cycle vendors, which has drawn concern from various quarters.

Furthermore, the post suggests that Kumar Ben’s lack of a Bachelor’s Degree prevents him from holding a more prominent position within the secretariat. It contends that despite his capabilities, his eligibility is restricted due to a legal-technical issue. However, the specific details surrounding this claim are yet to be substantiated.

The author of the post concludes by urging Shadow Mayor Ben from Lalitpur to reflect upon his governance approach and deliver a more compassionate administration. While further information and evidence are required to support or disprove the allegations made, the social media post has already sparked discussions regarding the influence of unconventional figures within government institutions.

Please note that the claims made in the Facebook post are unverified, and until concrete evidence is presented, they should be treated as allegations rather than established facts. The Kathmandu Metropolitan City Office or related authorities have not yet issued a statement addressing these allegations. As this story unfolds, It is crucial to remain Vigilant and Wait for Official statements or Verified information before drawing conclusions.

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