Bhelu Baje Unfortunate Journey
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Min Bahadur Budha, real name known as ‘Bhelu Baje’ A 63-year-old man from Pyuthan Jumrikanda, became an unexpected internet sensation, earning the nickname ‘Bhelu Baje.’ Living a life centered around wage labor, his journey to fame began approximately three years ago when a video of him conversing in his native Magar language went viral on platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

Bhelu Baje’s unique way of talking, especially his catchphrases like ‘Thatterika Matokne’ and ‘Pakhnosta, Pakhnosta,’ captured the attention of millions. People found his speech and mannerisms entertaining, and the video quickly gained 1 million views overnight. His popularity soared on social media, making him a sought-after figure for interviews by many YouTubers.

The charm of Bhelu Baje’s Magar language and expressions turned him into an unexpected celebrity. With the rise in views came financial opportunities. Many YouTubers visited him, and he even got a chance to act in a tele-serial and record a song.

Bhelu Baje Unfortunate Journey

However, despite the fame, he struggled financially and often received delayed payments for his work.

Bhelu Baje’s viral journey took a toll on his health, as he battled addiction to local liquor. Unfortunately, his popularity waned over time, and as other viral personalities emerged, he returned to his previous life. Tragically, his wife passed away on September 11, leaving him alone and in declining health.

In a distressing turn of events, Bhelu Baje, now in poor health, reached out to the same YouTubers who once sought him for interviews. However, they ignored his pleas for help. Eventually, with the assistance of a YouTuber named Bhojraj Thapa, Bhelu Baje made it to Greencity Hospital in Kathmandu for treatment.

Bhelu Baje Unfortunate Journey
Bhelu Baje Unfortunate Journey

Now, Bhelu Baje’s health is deteriorating, and he’s struggling to cover his medical expenses. Despite the once-eager YouTubers and tele-serial makers who used him for content, there’s little support for him during his time of need. Bhelu Baje expresses his desire to return to the village if he survives, reflecting on the fickle nature of fame and the lack of support when it matters most.

Sociologists highlight the unfortunate reality that Bhelu Baje, who led a simple life in a remote village, was exploited by many for personal gain. They emphasize how social media users, particularly YouTubers chasing viral content, can adversely affect the lives of unsuspecting individuals like Bhelu Baje.

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