Finding Real Friends in a Big World !
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Hey there! You know, Finding real friends in a big world ! its hard to get but not as you imagine, sometimes when we think about things, we go really deep and try to understand better. It is like diving into an ocean of thoughts! But you know what? Sometimes, people try to act like they are nice to us just because they want something from us. They might want us to help them or do things for them. And that’s not very nice, right? It’s like when someone pretends to be your friend just because they want something from you.

Imagine: If you have friends who want to be your friend, but sometimes they’re not really being honest. They might do things to make you like them so they can get something in return. And that’s not a good feeling at all! It’s like they’re not being true friends.

But guess what? You’re really smart! You can tell when someone is being a true friend or not. You know that real friends like you for who you are and not just because you can do things for them. It’s like having friends who enjoy playing with you and spending time with you, not because you can give them.

So, it’s okay to feel upset when people try to use you or impress you for their own reasons. You’re not a puppet, you’re a wonderful person who deserves friends who like you just the way you are. Keep being you, and remember, real friendships are all about having fun and caring for each other in every situation!

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