Shilajit Seller from Jumla
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Laxmi Shahi Shilajit seller from Jumla, Nepal, who is 54 years old, embarked on his journey from the last days of Ashar(July) to sell Shilajit, local necklaces, and various other local products of Jumla. As of the current date, which is Bhadra 18 (September 4), almost three months have passed since then. 

I saw him today in Tokha, Bhutkhel, where he was enjoying a cup of tea. After observing him for a couple of minutes, I struck up a conversation with him. He mentioned that he had begun his journey with the goal of making a profit of 2.5 lakhs. Unfortunately, this goal has not been achieved due to the economic crisis not only in Nepal but also around the world.

What’s intriguing is that when I asked him if he knew who is Gyanendra Shahi, being from Jumla and having the same surname, he surprisingly said that Gyanendra Shahi is his very close relative (Bhada) of him (Gyanendra Shahi is the current MP of Nepal.) he also said that he is planing return to home during Dashain to celebrate the festival in the month of Kartik and biggest festival of Nepal. 

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