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The whole world seems running fast

Yet i am unfazed by it

Everyday is routine 

Wakeup, Work, Eat,Home

I could say this is life 

Ya it is supposed to be like this

Isn’t it? 

Life is all about Love, Affection,Joy,Guilt

Whatever you name it 

I called it Emotion roller coaster 

That drains you slowly but deeply

Friends ask how you can be so sure about it.

Yes i am cause i have experienced it to the point where even breathing the same air feels wrong.

(10 years ago)16 year old  boy who was constantly battling and hiding himself in the closet.

Had a dream to fall in love and be accepted for who I am..

Chapter -2

(March 23 2010)

As usual i wake up late’s 8:30 i hurriedly freshup and about to head school, however i was anxious without no reason. Jeena, my only friend, was waiting outside with annoyed face. She is like second mom, best friend to me. 

Jeena to me( Yujin ) : You really don’t understand human language right? you are always late. Why are you soo dumb and annoying sigh….Hurry up

On the way to school she challenged me to race. I really don’t want to be sweaty smelly Jeena i say. Every excuse seems nth in front of  her. In the end I accepted the challenge and lost the race. Now I have to treat Jeena to a meal. Aaa today is bad luck. I shout with my inner voice. Jeena is in class (A) she is one of the top students . She has always been a popular girl and I really admire her. I am in class (B) full of average students. I think it suits me. And I am happy for it too maybe (Self doubt).

Heavily breathing i enter my class. Than i bumped into someone. I look up i saw a tall,tanned boy with cold aura. Who is he ? I never saw him ? How can someone look that beautiful yet scary at the same time.. i thought. Whatever Idc

Tall boy to Yujin: you !! Shorty with pig cheeks. Is your eyes on pocket. Don’t you know how to walk huh??? 

I didn’t say a word at all. I remain silenced with puppy eyes. And walk away from him and sat on my desk….

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