Shrinkhala said, ‘People don't know what they are looking for from me.’
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Kathmandu. Miss Nepal 2018 Shrinkhala Khatiwoda has been accused of interfering in many people’s personal lives. Although she hasn’t harmed anyone directly, people still criticize her for being involved in their affairs.

“I haven’t meddled in anyone’s business. It’s not my responsibility to care about what happens to them after me,” she said. “Even if they face troubles later on, I don’t have to answer for it.”

In a podcast with Sanjay Silwal Gupta, Khatiwoda clearly states that she doesn’t deny the fact that people feel affected by her actions, even if she doesn’t intrude into their personal lives.

“I am a public figure, that’s evident,” she expressed. “But being Miss Nepal doesn’t mean I have to sign up to share every detail of my personal life.”

“People have sought out my reactions. I have been under the spotlight for a year and a half, and people were eager to find faults,” she said. “But I won’t give them the satisfaction of seeing my reactions.”

“People don’t know what they are looking for from me. They have no answer to it, neither do I give them any when asked,” she added.

She maintains the stance of not allowing anyone to be affected by her, no matter how much they seek an explanation. She said, “It’s their mental problem, not mine.”

Recently, her love life and breakup have been subjects of discussion. Her love life and breakup have even gained a considerable place in the media.

Some time ago, she was seen associating with media entrepreneur Sambhav Sirohiya. After the breakup with Sisan Baniya, she was making headlines for her relationship with Sirohiya. She had participated in a family event of the Sirohiya family as well.

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