Sisan Baniya's Appeal to Trollers
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Kathmandu. Vlogger Sisan Baniya’s Appeal to Trollers. After being associated with the previous Miss Nepal Shrinkhala Khatiwoda, He became the target of trolls along with the discussion of Shrinkhala marriage with Sambhav Sirohiya of Kantipur Publication. He had provided a lot of support to Shrinkhala for her participation in Miss World. Despite their public acceptance of being in a romantic relationship, Gossip spread through various videos shared on TikTok. A few days ago, Shrinkhala wrote a status expressing their dissatisfaction with social media and trolling, accompanied by old Photos and Videos of Sisan. 

Sisan Baniya's Appeal to Trollers
Photo From Sisan Baniya’s Instagram

Currently, there is an audio clip of Sisan going viral on TikTok where Sisan confronts the trolls targeting her. He urges not to disrespect her and requests them not to make negative comments. He says, “Joke about me, laugh at me, I respect you for your creative criticism. But, those jokes and negative comments have a different impact on other people’s.

“Challenge me, dare me. I am strong. I can endure. I can handle trolls. But not everyone can. Don’t say anything about my ex.”

She is a person Nepal needs, a person everyone needs. How amazing a person she has become through education. She is empathetic. We have judged her a lot on social media. She is a true and beautiful person, “he adds. 

Sisan had been discussing Online harassment and Mental health with someone and recorded these conversations. Some people have recently shared his statements on TikTok and many people are showing their support for his words.

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