Sushant KC Releases New Song ‘Parkha Na’
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Renowned Nepali singer Sushant KC has just dropped his latest song called “Parkha Na”. It’s a song about love and the struggle to let go when a relationship turns sour.

“Parkha Na” talks about feeling stuck in a relationship that used to feel great but now feels suffocating. The song’s lyrics tell the story of wanting to break free from a relationship that’s not working anymore. But at the same time, it’s about feeling torn between moving on and holding onto the past.

The song reminds us that sometimes we know we should let go, but we find it hard to do so. We might delay making the decision to move on because we’re still hoping things will get better. “Parkha Na” captures this feeling of being stuck in a trap of emotions.

Jhuma Limbu also adds her voice to the song, sharing the perspective of a woman who has made mistakes but wants to make things right again.

Sushant KC’s “Parkha Na” is a song that many people can relate to. It’s about the ups and downs of love and the courage it takes to start over. Through its lyrics and music, the song encourages listeners to think about their own relationships and the choices they need to make to find happiness.

Malai Chaana Na

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