A One-Year Bridge Construction Completed in Jaw-Dropping Two Months!
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In a remarkable feat of Engineering and Dedication, A One-Year Bridge Construction Completed in Jaw-Dropping Two Months over the Khare Khola in Harichaur, Galkot. The urgency to build this bridge led the construction team to push the boundaries, making it possible to complete the project in an astonishingly short timeframe.

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Previously, travelers had to rely on a risky temporary bridge, where wooden planks were used to create a passage for Jeeps and Tractors. The perilous condition of the temporary bridge, including the constant threat of wood rotting, Posed a significant danger. However, with no other alternative, Vehicles had to brave the risks to ensure transportation in the area.

Thanks to the unwavering efforts of Pawan Hamal, Chairman of Galkot Municipality Ward No. 5, along with the Consumer Committee, Secretary, and dedicated social workers, this ordeal has now come to an end. Their commitment and hard work culminated in the timely completion of the bridge construction project.

The completion of this vital infrastructure not only eliminates the need for perilous crossings but also ensures the safety of the Community and Facilitates smoother transportation. The new concrete bridge stands as a symbol of progress, Promising a safer and more efficient future for the people of Harichaur, Galkot.

The accomplishment of constructing a bridge that was initially projected to take a year in an astonishing two months is truly extraordinary. It showcases the power of determination, Collaboration, and the indomitable spirit of the community. The efforts of everyone involved in this project deserve heartfelt appreciation and commendation.

As the newly built bridge opens up opportunities for better Connectivity and Development, the residents of Harichaur, Galkot can now look forward to a brighter future, Free from the anxieties of risky river crossings. This incredible achievement serves as a testament to what can be accomplished when a community comes together to overcome challenges and pursue progress.

Once again, a sincere thank you goes out to Pawan Hamal, Chairman of Galkot Municipality Ward No. 5, the Consumer Committee, Secretary, and all the social workers who made the completion of this bridge construction possible within an unprecedented two-month timeframe. Your dedication and hard work have left an indelible mark on the community, Paving the way for a safer and more prosperous future.

Pawan Hamal

Baglung District Galkot Municipality Ward No. 5, at the age of 26, Pawan Hamal, who won an important position like ward chairman, became the youngest ward chairman in the district. Pawan Hamal’s achievement of becoming the youngest ward chairman in Baglung District’s Galkot Municipality Ward No. 5 at the age of 26 is commendable. Engaging in various social work activities shows his dedication to making a positive impact on the community. It’s great to see young individuals actively involved in shaping their localities.

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