Kathmandu Metropolis Raised Eight Billion Revenue in 11 Months
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Kathmandu Metropolitan City has collected eight billion rupees in revenue in 11 months of the current financial year. Dhruv Kafle, Head of the Revenue Department informed that Rs.8 billion 295 million 59 thousand 278 revenue was collected in 11 months of the year 2079/80 through internal income, revenue distribution and internal subsidy. According to him, this amount is only 79 percent of the city’s revenue target.

The Metropolitan Corporation had set a revenue target of 10.42 billion 95 million rupees for the current year. Out of this, the metropolis has made the most progress towards internal revenue. The Metropolitan Corporation has achieved 98.87 percent of internal revenue from revenue collection. The Metropolitan Corporation has collected four billion 777 million rupees out of the revenue target of four billion 85 million rupees. According to the department, which is one billion more than the previous year.

According to the department, in the year 2078/79, the metropolis collected only 3.72 billion rupees in internal revenue. The Metropolitan Corporation has collected one billion 92 crore 12 lakh 80 thousand rupees in house maintenance tax towards internal income. In the current year, the Metropolitan Corporation had set a target of raising two billion rupees in revenue under this title. Similarly, 91 crore 33 lakh rupees revenue has been collected in property tax. It is said that it is 120 million rupees more than the previous year.

It has been seen that the amount coming from the distribution of revenue to the metropolis to reach the revenue target has been affected. Likewise, the metropolis has collected one billion 558.9 million rupees from the revenue received from distribution. It seems that the revenue received by the Metropolitan Corporation has decreased by about one billion rupees compared to the previous year. In the last year 2078/79, the amount received from revenue distribution was one billion 755 million rupees, which was one hundred and six percent. But this time only 45 percent of the target has been allocated to the metropolis.

In the last fiscal year, the amount coming from revenue distribution was set at 2 billion 582 million rupees, but by the end of May, 2 billion 75 million 54 million rupees, i.e. one hundred six percent, had been distributed. But for the current year, only 1 billion 5589 million rupees have been raised while setting a target of 3 billion 41 million 31 million rupees.

According to the revenue department of the metropolitan city, if the target of revenue for the current year is not met, the revenue received by the metropolis is distributed. Dhruv Kafle, the head of the department, said that although the metropolis has collected enough internal revenue, the amount coming from distribution is low, but the goal is far from being achieved. According to the revenue department, in the current year, the revenue of the metropolis has been collected towards an internal subsidy of one billion 96 crore 96 million rupees.

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