Nepathya release their New song 'Pachaasai Barshama' 
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Nepathya, a popular Nepalese folk rock band formed in the early 1990s, has given us memorable songs like ‘Resham’ ‘Tal Ko Pani’ ‘Bheda Ko Oon Jasto’ Recently, they released a new song called ‘Pachaasai Barshama,’ which reflects on life at 50. The band’s main member, Amrit Gurung, born in 1968 in Mulpani near Pokhara, is the lead singer and songwriter.

The song’s lyrics and music draw inspiration from various sources, including contributions from Anil Adhikari. Nepalaya, the platform supporting Nepathya, is responsible for producing and presenting their work.

Nepathya’s music has deep roots in Nepalese culture, with ‘Pachaasai Barshama’ being a meaningful reflection on life’s journey. The band continues to evolve, and Amrit Gurung’s leadership ensures their connection to Nepalese traditions remains strong. Through their music, Nepathya invites listeners to join them on a reflective journey, celebrating milestones and the wisdom that comes with time. In a changing musical landscape, Nepathya’s commitment to their roots ensures their continued relevance and connection with fans.

Nepathya – Pachaasai Barshama

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